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If you’re looking for amazing spots in Mount Magnet where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:

Mount Magnet

Mount Magnet is a small, gold mining town located just over 6 hours Northeast of Perth. Rich in important 19 th century history and known for being the base to travel the Gascoyne-Murchison region, this isolated area is perfect for taking a walk back in time and visiting some significant Aboriginal sites!


The area of Mount Magnet was first explored by Europeans in 1854 when Robert Austin surveyed the future townsite. Activity and settlement started occurring though the late 19th century when gold was found in 1891, followed by the development of numerous major mines in 1894. The town was eventually gazetted in 1895 and named Mount Magnet, a name originally given to the area by Robert Austin in 1854. By the turn of the century, Mount Magnet was flourishing with 14 hotels, 2 newspapers and 30 goldmines!

However, these golden days were short-lived as the start of World War I resulted in a steady decline in the town. The Hill 50 gold mine opened in 1939, producing over 3000 ounces of gold a month! This mine was eventually closed in 2007 being impressively over 1.5kms deep and produced 2.1 million ounces of gold! To this day, gold mining still occurs in Mount Magnet, however the town has not experienced the success that was seen in the early 1900’s ever since.


Heritage Walk

The Heritage Walk is a great way to explore Mount Magnet’s important history and its impact on the area! A simple walk up and down the main street, with a slight detour along Naughton Street, allows you to visit 14 places of interest, including the bank managers house (once the best house in 1896), the old primary school, the 133 year old Mount Magnet Hotel and the Mining and Pastoral Museum that presents a large variety of artefacts and photographs.

Tourist Trail

Starting from the town centre , the Mount Magnet Tourist Trail is a 37km, self-drive trail that allows you to see some of the area’s most stunning natural and man-made sites! The impressive views from the summit of Warramboo Hill overlook the many open-cut mines at Mount Magnet. This hill was originally named Mount Magnet due to the very high iron content effecting compass readings, similar to a magnet. This was also where the town Mount Magnet got its name, however the outcrop was renamed Warramboo Hill in 1972 from the local Badimaya language, meaning, ‘campfire camping place’.

On the trail you also visit the unusual natural amphitheatre , made as a result of a desert breakaway. This area provides a unique and pleasant picnic spot.

The granites are one of the most impressive sites on the trail, located 7km North of the town. These curious rocky outcrops are spread over several hectares and contain some fascinating Aboriginal paintings, dating back over 9000 years! These paintings can be found in small eroded areas in the granite boulders and are a place of cultural significance to the Badimia Tribe.

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 573kms Northeast
Population: 470
Founded: 1895

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