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If you’re looking for amazing spots in Carnamah where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:


Situated 3 hours North of Perth, Carnamah is a small town, rich in its agricultural properties, ranging from wheat to sheep! The spectacle of wildflower displays as well as historical heritage sites make Carnamah certainly worth a visit!


European settlement first occurred in Carnamah by Duncan Macpherson in 1861. After moving his sheep from the coast, he took up land and 8 years later, in 1869, the iconic Macpherson homestead was built. This homestead later served as the local telegraph office. Construction of the Carnamah railway station was completed in 1894 with a small community being established after this completion.

Further developments were made through the early 1900’s with the town ‘Carnamah’ officially gazzeted in 1913. This name comes from a possible Gaelic or Amangu (local aboriginal community) language meaning, ‘Cattle rocks’ or, ‘Cairn of the cattle’. Macpherson took the name ‘Carnamah’ for his homestead after the local Carnamah Springs, which in turn resulted in whole town being named Carnamah. In the present day, Carnamah is one the richest wheat producing areas in Western Australia, having maintained that title since the late 1920’s .


Macpherson Homestead

One of the main and most impressive attractions in Carnamah is the aforementioned Macpherson Homestead. Built in 1869 by the, ‘Father of Carnamah’, Duncan Macpherson, this homestead is amazing opportunity to see the pioneering architecture that Macpherson used. After being restored and opened to the public in 2004, this gem is a great way to have picnic and explore a small snippet of history, all while having an impressive view over Carnamah!

Carnamah Museum

The Carnamah Museum is the perfect place to experience what it was like living in the small town of Carnamah over 120 years ago! This museum contains everything from artefacts to photos to old machinery and tools. This museum also has a unique feature as well…it offers a virtual museum! This experience has been labelled , ‘unusual and fascinating’, featuring hundreds of pages about the local life in Carnamah and its commercial and agricultural past. The Carnamah museum is the perfect introduction for your stay in Carnamah!

Lake Indoon

Lake Indoon offers the water babies and campers a hidden haven to get out of the heat! This 4.5km lake is a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts, with water skiing and knee boarding common sights across the lake. Furthermore, you can camp on the beaches of the lake for free, with some amenities provided, such as BBQ’s, picnic areas and clean toilet facilities. This lake is also great for watching the sun set over the horizon as well as for seeing emus and kangaroos! This aquatic playground is a must visit for any visitors in Carnamah!

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 307km North
Population: 405
Postcode: 6517
Founded: 1913

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