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If you’re looking for amazing spots in Greenough where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:


Greenough is a small, historical town located 4.5 hours North of Perth and only 20 minutes away from Geraldton. This country town once had a blossoming population, however today it stands as virtually a ghost town that boasts the iconic leaning trees and magnificent Greenough River!


European exploration of Greenough dates back over 175 years ago in 1839 by Lieutenant George Grey. Grey was looking for more agricultural land to expand the Swan River colony. Due to the good quality of the soil, in 1851, 30 000 acres of land were surveyed with the town ‘Greenough’ gazzeted shortly after. The name ‘Greenough’ comes after the Greenough River, which was named by George Grey in 1839 after his sponsor, Sir George Bellas Greenough.

Throughout the 1850’s and 60’s , the town prospered with the population rising to well into the 1000’s. However, numerous events took place that severely damaged the town and its population. A major cyclone hit in 1872 and a major flooding occurred in 1888, resulting in substantial damage. The final nail in the coffin was the discovery of gold in the Goldfields, leading to a large majority of the population following the hidden fortunes.  

Throughout the 20th century, the town followed a path of disarray, saved by a project set up by the National Trust in the 1980’s . This project helped refurbish much of the historical buildings in Greenough, putting the town back on the map!


Greenough River Nature Trail

The Greenough River Nature Trail is a 17km, 4 hour walk that allows you to explore some of the most picturesque sights in the Greenough bushland. This walk takes you down the Greenough River, allowing for spectacular views of this huge body of water, as well as being able to gaze upon the never-ending flora and fauna. At the end of the walk, you’ll have the opportunity to cool off and take a dip at Delvin Pool. This walk can also be shortened to 3.5km, a much quicker but equally rewarding walk, taking you from the mouth of the river to Rudd’s Gully.

Hampton Arms Inn

Opened in 1863, the Hampton Arms Inn is one of few fully functioning buildings left from the beginnings of Greenough. Named after the West Australian Governor at the time, John Hampton, this fully licenced inn and restaurant is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and explore a piece of history. The inn also offers accommodation within its Victorian Regency style walls.

Greenough Museum and Gardens

The Greenough Museum and Gardens is a large house, converted to a museum, that lets you take trip through history, right from Aboriginal times to the present day. Built between 1862 and 1880, it was at the time the biggest house in the area. This is no traditional museum though, with many surprises along the way. Fact sheets are also provided in multiple languages. The gardens here are very diverse and beautiful, potentially housing the oldest leaning gum tree in the whole of Australia!

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 400km North Population: 282 Postcode: 6532 Founded: 1851

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