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If you’re looking for amazing spots in Dongara & Port Denison where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:

Dongara & Port Denison

Dongara and Port Denison are coastal, twin-towns in the Shire of Irwin, divided by the mighty Irwin River. These quiet and tranquil towns are rich with history as well as having great reputation for being able to take people off the grid and into nature’s bliss!


The area of Dongara and Port Denison was traversed first over 200 years ago in 1839 by Lieutenant George Grey on an unexpected mission. He was originally on an expedition North when a cyclone blew in, destroying his ship and all supplies. As a result, Grey and his crew had to trek over 500km South, back to the Swan River colony. However, on their travels, they came across the Irwin River and its surroundings, noting its potential as good pastoral land.

Just over 13 years later in 1852, a town was surveyed and named ‘Dongara’ by the local Wattandee people, translating to, ‘meeting place of seals.’ Very slowly, due to the lack of transport to Perth and back, the towns of Dongara and Port Denison became populated and built up. Up to the turn of the century, Dongara had a small community with a public school, churches and a railway finally connecting this isolated area to Perth.



Fishing in Dongara and Port Denison is not to be overlooked, with tailor, snapper and dhufish regularly being reeled in. However, it’s the Western rock lobster that Dongara and Port Denison are really known for. Being coined the, ‘Rock lobster capital of Australia’, you expect the town to live up to this grand statement…and it sure does! Boats full of the rock lobster are often seen coming in through the Port Denison Marina, as well charters being able to show you what it’s like in the life of a lobster fisherman! Furthermore, this rock lobster craze has hit the land with a giant rock lobster sculpture being erected in 2005, giving the chance for people to climb on this huge piece of artwork and grab that one-of-a-kind Instagram picture!

Rock Lobster

The Thungara trails offer a leisurely and scenic tour of the Dongara and Port Denison area by foot! Overall there are six walking trails that can be completed, ranging from 2.7km to 9km loops, accommodating for all ages and levels of fitness. These trails take you on trip a through the rich history of this area, as well as gaining amazing views onto the Indian Ocean as well as the Irwin River!

Walking Trails

Dongara and Port Denison have a spectacular range of beaches to swim, surf, sail and simply relax on! Experience four wheel driving on the pure white sand of South Beach, or perhaps an adrenaline rush is needed with great windsurfing available at Granny’s Beach. Nun’s Pool offers great snorkelling and diving, while Harbour Beach is great for a relaxing day with the family! Dongara and Port Denison offer beaches that can satisfy all!

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 351km North to Northwest
Population: 2782
Postcode: 6525
Founded: 1852

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