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Directory listings attract the attention of your customers using the power of online search. It's simple - list your business, select search categories, display your logo, include an eye catching image and enjoy increased customer visibility.

All listings benefit from search engine optimisation, which means more customers find you online. A dedicated Business Page is included in your directory listing, it's like an information hub for your business, driving traffic, equiries and sales.

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Directory Packages

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Rank 1st on Category Pages
Package Benefits & Inclusions SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Searchable Listing

When customers want to find a service or search for you by name, they simply use our directory to find you.
Priority Ranking on Category Pages
With Platinum your business listing is ranked top of category search results, which means customers see your listing first, followed by Gold and Silver.
3rd Place 2nd Place 1st Place
Logo Displayed On Category Listing

Your company logo will be displayed adjacent to your business details on all relevant category pages.
Multiple Category Listings

Choose up to 8 Category listings making it easier for customers to see all the different services your business offers.
3 5 8
Keyword Optimisation

Selected keywords to be optimised for search results within the directory.
1 3 8
Link to Your Business Page

Your customised website button takes customers to your Business Page.
Enquiry Buttons

Your listing has a Send Enquiry button which makes it quick and easy for customers to send you a message via email using our built in contact form.
Mobile Messaging

The Send to Mobile button will send your contact details direct to the customer's mobile so they can text or call you.
Say More with Banner ADs
Package Benefits & Inclusions SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Business Page Banner Ad

Promoted on your Business Page this Banner Ad has priority visibility.
Directory Banner Ads on Category Pages

Banner Ads on category pages are displayed when people search the directory. They show up on the side of the page, between listings and at the foot of the page. 

Exclusive Advertising Options

Platinum members have the option to purchase additional limited advertising spaces within the directory, such as Home page ads, top banner ads (limited to 4 per page) and regional area page advertising. 

Animated Ad Options

Platinum members have the option to purchase animation features to bring their ads to life.
Drive traffic with an Business Page
Package Benefits & Inclusions SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Up to 5 Pages To Promote Your Business

Your Business Page helps you stand out with Premium Packages receiving a full 6 pages including: About, Products/Services, Gallery, Video, Awards & Accreditations, E-Brochure.
1 Pages 4 Pages 6 Pages
Display Your Logo

Your company logo and tagline will be prominently visible at the top of the page promoting your brand with your Membership level on display.
Choose Your Business Page Banner Ad

Customise your Business Page Banner Ads with a sliding header display and make the most of your advertising opportunities when you choose Gold or Platinum Memberships.
  Slide show x2 Slide show x5
Hyperlinked Website Address

All customers have a hyperlinked website address so one click is all it takes for your customers to arrive on your own website.
Hyperlinked Category Listings

Hyperlinks act like a spider web, connecting all your related business information so a single search result will link your business, products & services in all your chosen categories.
About Profile

Your full company bio and profile is displayed on the first page.
List your Products/Services

Tailor your Business Page to show the full range of your products & services. Upload up to 10+ products & services with images, prices and descriptions with our Gold & Platinum Memberships..
  3 6
Geotagged Gallery Images

An image speaks a thousand words, so take advantage of up to 12+ photo uploads and represent your business visually with our Gold & Platinum Memberships.
  6 12+
Promotional Feature

Short and compelling introductory description per category selected.
Promotional Benefit Checklist

A list of benefits showcasing the value of your business's products or services against your competitors.
  1 3
Upload Videos

Unleash the power of video and upload 1 Video Link to your Business Page for Platinum members.
Customer Reviews

What people say matters, which is why our review function allows you to approve reviews before they're published on your Business Page. Testimonials build trust, increase social proof and boost your online credibility, so this feature add heaps of value.
Highlight Accreditations & Awards

Have you won a local business award? Were you featured in the newspaper? Have you been accredited for a new skill, speciality or profession? This is the place to showcase these important items.
Customer Support
Package Benefits & Inclusions SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Online support

We're answering emails between 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday

Call 1300 017 990 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Annual Review

A yearly check in to see how business is going and if your needs have changed.

Compare Packages

SILVER Membership
#3 Position in results
List in up to 3 categories
Logo displayed on category, app & business pages
Operation Hours
1 Keyword optimised for search
Full colour Logo displayed
Linked to your website
SEO benefits
Search Engine Description

Your Investment
Bill Annually

GOLD Membership
#2 Position in results
List in up to 5 categories
Logo displayed on category, app & business pages
Business Page Banner Advert
Side Banner Advertising on Category Pages
Operation Hours
About us Business Description
Social Media Article and Links
Up to 3 Keywords optimised for search
Search Engine Description
Blog Article
3 Featured products and services
6 Geotagged gallery images
Promotional Feature - Short introductory description per category selected.
1 Promotional Benefit Checklist

Your Investment
Bill Annually

PLATINUM Membership
#1 Position in results
List in up to 8 categories
Logo displayed on category, app & business pages
Business Page Banner Advert
Top Banner Advertising on Category Pages
Operation Hours
About us Business Description
Social Media Article and Links
Up to 8 Keywords optimised for search
Search Engine Description
Blog Article
6+ Featured products and services
12 Geotagged gallery images
Promotional Feature - Short introductory description per category selected.
3 Promotional Benefit Checklist
1+ Video uploads
Exclusive Advertising
Full set-up assistance

Your Investment
Bill Annually


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I have a website, why do I need a Directory Listing as well?

It's hard for a website to stand out amongst the 1 billion active websites on the internet currently - but when you join forces with a powerful directory like, you drive more traffic to your own website. Your Directory Listing is like a member of your team, constantly generating business for you and sending customers to your website.

I don't have a website, can you help?

Yes! We help you get a professional website at an affordable price! Your Premium Goldfields Key Directory Listing is included when you choose one of our website packages - Starter, Booster or Accelerator.

I'm not good with computers, is there someone to help me set this listing up?

Yes, we're here to help! We have a marketing team ready to assist with your content, uploading your images and making sure your listing looks professional and eye catching. Our set-up service is tailored to meet your needs, just ask us for a quote.

Why should I choose a Premium Membership if I can have a free listing?

Premium Listings put your business front and centre, and include exclusive advertising banners, multiple search categories and features such as videos, testimonials and search engine optimisation (SEO). Smart business owners know that customers need constant expsosure to their business before they begin to enquire, buy and recommend. Premium listings ensure your brand is seen, time and again by your target customers increasing your brand awareness and return on investment.

What's the difference between 'Geotagged Images' and 'Alt Tags' and why are these important?

Geotagging is to assign a geographical location to your photos so it easily shows up on that particular location you want them to rank in, while optimising 'alt tags' is to provide a better context/description of an image for search engine crawlers to index them properly. We geotag and add alt tags to photos as, first and foremost, it's a principle of web accessibility and increasing your rank in search engines.

How does 'Promotional Feature' help in advertising my business?

As potential customers need more concrete information to digest before they convert, this is where 'promotional feature' comes in. It is written content about your business with distinction to each category listed. This written content entails a compelling introduction about your business even before they reach your business page, leaving a good first impression while keeping them engaged.

What is a 'Benefit Checklist' and how does it contribute in promoting my business?

A 'benefit checklist' is a list of your business's unique selling points. These points put together with the promotional feature serves as the differentiator that sets you apart from your competitors. This list not only gives focus to your business's relative strengths and advantages, it also puts you in a more favourable position as it's a great contributing factor in helping potential customers in decision making.

What's a Business Page?

An Business Page is an easy to navigate website that unfolds like a brochure, and is linked to your Directory Listing. When a potential customer finds you in search, they click the website button and they go directly to your Business Page with your unique URL

If I have a Business Page, do I need another main website too?

The beauty of an Business Page is it acts like a comprehensive website of your own, which means if you don't have a separate website yet, this will save you time and money when getting your business online. We offer affordable Website Packages when you are ready for your own website.

I want an online listing but I don't have time to do it myself, can you help?

Absolutely! Our team are ready to make life easier for busy business owners, tell us what you need and we'll get your Directory Listing up and running. Our set-up service is tailored to meet your needs, just ask us for a quote.

My logo needs improving, can you help with logo design?

Yes! Our expert design team are on stand-by to assist with any logo designs, just ask use how we can help and we'll provide an upfront quote.

How long will my Directory Listing be active?

All of our Premium Membeships are active for a year, at the end of 12 months we check-in and review your account to ensure youre getting the best value and maximum return on investment.

Can I make changes to my Listing after it's been approved?

You certainly can! You will receive personal sign-in details and access to an easy to use control panel where you can make changes, add content, edit and delete. Each time you make a change you'll get an email confirming that it's been approved and is live.


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