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If you’re looking for amazing spots in Leeman where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:


Situated on turquoise waters and white sand, Leeman is steadily gaining attention due to its picturesque beauty. Located just over 2.5 hours North of Perth, Leeman is a lowkey, peaceful, fishing village that’s gaining a reputation as a beautiful getaway from the city hustle!


Although the coast of Leeman was traversed on multiple occasions, it wasn’t until 1822 that the coastline was officially surveyed by Captain Philip Parker King. The area of Leeman was unintentionally explored by Lieutenant George Grey after his ship had to be abandoned in the North of Western Australia, resulting in himself and his crew trekking all the way back to the Swan River Colony.

Development occurred in the area of Leeman in the 1940’s , coinciding with the rise of the lobster industry. This resulted in the West Australian Government subdividing the land, culminating in the creation of Snag Island town in 1961. Five years later, this town was renamed Leeman . Leeman gets its name from the Dutch navigator Abraham Leeman van Santwits who got shipwrecked off the coast of where the town in 1658.

Developments in Leeman steadily occurred throughout the 20th century, with the construction of two primary schools, shops and churches. Most recently, in 2014, a top-quality jetty and boat ramp were built. Today Leeman hosts an isolated, yet friendly population that has a successful fishing industry and growing tourism!


In the Water

The coastline of Leeman houses an interest for everyone, guaranteeing you won’t get bored anytime soon! It wasn’t long ago that Leeman was known as the, ‘Home of Western Australian Dhufish’, and for good reason! Dhufish are often reeled in here as well as the prized Baldchin Groper frequently seen in the esky and on the BBQ! Leeman also has a very popular windsurfing and sailing community due to the strong coastal winds that blow in during the summer. For the diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, there are many top spots to see the diverse marine life that the Leeman coast houses!

Stockyard Gully Reserve

One of the more unique attractions to see around Leeman is the Stockyard Gully Reserve. Located 14km East of the town centre , and only accessible by 4WD vehicles, Stockyard Gully is well worth the effort! The reserve contains a large cave network coupled with an underground river system. The largest cave can be explored by people of all ages, with it being a leisurely 1.3km loop. However, don’t forget to bring a torch to look out for them low hanging rocks! For the more adventurous, there are numerous smaller caves that can be explored containing large colonies of bats! Once you finished, the area is surrounded by a variety of fauna and flora, providing a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy a leisurely picnic!

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 300km North
Population: 352
Postcode: 6514
Founded: 1961

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